A Little Hope ...

Countless of stray and unwanted animals are suffering everyday
Give them a little hope. Give them the second chance
Use ADOPSI apps to find your furever best friend #AdoptDontBuy !

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Whether you are an individual rescuer, shelter owner or animal welfare organization which manage a halfway home, you can upload animals data to help you reach broader audiences and potential candidate for adopters


You can do custom search or explore the available animals for adoption near you. Also, you can see how cute and adorable they are that you might be fall in love at the first sight


Decide to adopt soon? You can use ADOPSI app to fill required form containing basic questions that will sent to the data owners. This form will be reviewed to decide whether they accept your adoption application or not :)

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(The Story)

ADOPSI is created based on real-life problems. Many stray and unwanted animals are dumped, neglected, abused, or abandoned everyday. These animals are rescued by kind hearted people who give them a temporary "fix" for their broken life ... But this is only a temporary solution. One of the goals to overcome this problem is to find a new forever loving home for these rescued animals: Adoption.

So why we create the apps? First thing first, the process of adoption itself is usually strict and takes time; to ensure that these rescued animals are really safe in their new environment. The second point is unfortunately, many people still don't know the existence of adoption. They still think that they need to go to a pet store whenever they want to have a pet.

ADOPSI is created as a solution for the problems above. With this app, you can easily find available animals to adopt from your smartphone, and then send your adoption application to be reviewed by the data owner. Once your application is accepted, you can arrange a meeting with the data owner to finalize the adoption process; respectively based on each agreement and policies.

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Check some of #AdopsiApp features below.
We are continuously develop this application to provide a better experience and usability to all users.


Find 4 basic features from the home screen; Upload - Explore - Search - Profile.
There is also three stripes icon on the left-top corner to display the side panel where you can see more features of the app, including accept and reject incoming adoption request.


Explore galleries of available animals for adoption and find the one that is match and suitable with your own search preferences. Remember that adoption is a lifetime commitment.


Whether you are an individual rescuer, shelter managers or working in animal welfare organizations who have halfway homes facilities, you can easily upload the adoption data from your phone and share it to the world.


Clean and clear UI to make it easy for the users to see the detailed content of the adoption data. With this data, you can consider some aspects before deciding to send the adoption application.


A history of your uploaded data is arranged into your user profile. Thanks to this feature, we can see the history of our animals, whether it has been adopted or not, whether they can make it before adopted or not.